Monthly Bucket List – February 2017

How can it be February already tomorrow? January has passed me by in a flash, its an incredibly busy month as Archie has his birthday not long into the New Year and the build up to that and the organisation required to have a birthday dinner for him and his little friends seemed to fast forward me to the middle of January in a flash! I have found that producing a bucket list has kept me focussed this month especially when it has come to meal planning and healthy living, which go hand in hand right? Before I go ahead with my goals for the month of LOVE I want to reflect on how I did with January (you can see my aims for January here).

I have rekindled my love with my FitBit this month and it has motivated to get up and move more for sure. I took a detailed look at my activity this last month as it sure records a lot of pretty useful data.

Each week I averaged between 80-100,000 steps which equates to about 11,500 – 14,000 steps each day. I am chuffed with that. I have my daily step goal at 11,000 which is easily achieved on about 3 days of the week. I like that the FitBit measures your active minutes (defined as periods of moderate activity done for 10 minutes or more – I have my goal set to 30 minutes) and on review of January it seems that I exceeded the target time easily at weekends and on a Tuesday but struggle to do so on working days with often zero active minutes recorded which I would like to change this month. Distances covered average out to be 30-40 miles a week but again not consistent days with the majority of my activity occurring on non-working days.

The FitBit makes an attempt to record your heart rate too (I have the Blaze version) and my resting HR is in the range of 55bpm – 60bpm. It seems I spend a lot of time in the fat burning zone (best day was with 2 hours 48 minutes) but not much in the cardio zone (usually between 0-15 minutes) and a negligible amount in at peak (3 minutes!). That has to change this month too – it seems I need to up my activity on working days.

Meal planning has been enjoyable, cost saving and successful this month and I will make every effort to continue this in February. There are lots of exciting days to plan food  around in February such as Valentine’s Day (14th), Fair-trade Fortnight (27th Feb – 12th March) and Shrove Tuesday (28th). The 5th of February is apparently British Yorkshire Pudding Day as well as World Nutella Day (who knew!) and the 23rd of February National Toast Day! It feels like every day is a day for something nowadays.

The increased activity and meal planning lead nicely into happy news regarding weight loss this month – I am happy to report that January waved goodbye to 12lbs (5.5kg). Super happy with this as I aimed to lose at least 1-2lbs a week in my January goals and have exceeded it greatly. In February I would like to keep up the steady weight loss of 2lbs a week, so a total loss of at least 8lbs please!

I failed to start reading a book (never mind finish one!), better luck this month hopefully.

Enough about me, with regards home goals, progress was made with decluttering. I tackled my wardrobe on a few occasions, getting rid of clothes that are too big now. I also ventured into a couple of cupboards filled with games and puzzles, managing to convince Archie to let me take some he no longer plays with to the charity shop. I am on a losing battle with the Lego though which is taking over almost every crevice! Any lego storage/ organisation tips are very much welcome!

And lastly, we have been getting out and about and making the most of our weekends (despite the chill factor!) and very much enjoying time as a family.

I will leave you with the goals for February.

1. Continue to meal plan – I have enjoyed the variety of meals this month.
2. Valentine’s crafting with Archie.
3. Shrove Tuesday pancake making fun.
4. Half-term activities (still to plan that!).

1. Continue to declutter.
2. Make more of an effort to find a new home.

1. Read a book.
2. Continue with weight loss (at least 8lbs – 2lbs per week).
3. Increase  amount and intensity of daily activity (aiming to hit 30 minute activity target more and have longer periods of time with HR in the cardio zone).
4. Try out local gyms for the day with their free day passes to see what they offer. Ideally I would like to find a class to go on a Tuesday and perhaps another early in the mornings at the weekends so it doesn’t affect days out or time with the family.
5. Find a local, suitable yoga class. I used to do a lot of yoga and really enjoyed that me time, but I’ve learned you need to find the right teacher so it might be a bit trial and error for a while. If any local Enfield readers have any suggestions – let me know!
6. Buy new trainers

I am linking up this months bucket list with Beth over at Twinderelmo.


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