Meal planning 2017 – Week 4

I started writing this meal plan last Sunday and then this week has just thrown all plans aside so all the meals I had planned we have already had! Ha! Anyway still thought it would be nice to post – so I have edited it with the addition of a few snaps of the meals we had.

On Sunday I made Greek veggie kebabs which went down a treat! The salty halloumi was such a treat as I don’t have as much cheese anymore (I love cheese!). We will definitely make these again as even Archie was intrigued at food on a stick!

Monday was a delicious bowlful of green dream noodles. So simple and quick to make – perfect for a Monday night. I think we both had seconds of this!

On Tuesday I cooked a big batch of chilli con veggie (even though I halved the recipe it still made 5 portions) which was warming, filling and packed with protein rich foods – perfect for this cold spell at the moment. We had plenty left over too to pop in the freezer and have for lunches this week.

Chilli con veggie

Wednesday we celebrated Burns Night in our own low key way with a shop bought traditional haggis (I have to admit I had the veggie version) and instead of the traditional neeps & tatties (thats turnip/ swede and mashed potato to those south of the border!) we used up veggies from the fridge. But it lasted us over two nights and I quite enjoyed it and wondered why I only have it on Burns night? Do shops sell it all year round? I didn’t manage to make a traditional pudding but did find some nice looking recipes if anyone wants to give them a try (orange Cranachan or the more traditional raspberry Cranachan).



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