Meal planning 2017 – Week 3

Last week went well and we had all the meals I had planned for except the mushrooms paprikash which we will have early on in the week as I have the mushrooms sitting waiting. It was nice to have meals we hadn’t tried before, both in terms of cooking and eating them. I think my favourite was the Indian chickpeas with poached eggs, we will definitely have that again.

Indian chickpeas with poached egg

The courgette tortilla fell apart (too much courgette i think!) but still tasted nice with the addition of the Harissa (i don’t use it as an ingredient nearly enough – it adds a great smoky spicy kick and would work well in soups).

This week we are having a birthday dinner for Archie and his friends & family on Tuesday evening so will only need to plan for 4 meals this week. I already have a soup cooking for the beginning of the week, I tend to throw whatever veggies we have in a pot and hope for the best! Tonights effort was celery, onion, red peppers & carrots. I am planning to whizz it up and then stir through a can of chickpeas for some protein.

So this week we plan to have:

Mushrooms paprikash

Black bean burgers

Sweet potato & blue cheese frittata

Super food noodle salad



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