Meal planning 2017 – Week 2

Last week I mentioned about trying to meal plan around certain food groups each weeknight, what I am going to try is a different cuisine each day. The cuisines I have decided on this week are: Indian, Moroccan, Spanish, Greek & Hungarian.

I tried to pick cuisines with dishes that would be easy to transform into vegetarian and tick the slimming-world & child friendly box too. I was struggling to think of a fifth, Reuben piped up with Hungarian, so I took on the challenge! I haven’t allocated meals to days, I thought we would pick what we fancy each night.

Indian: Indian chickpeas with poached eggs

Moroccan: Chickpea & roasted red pepper salad

Spanish: Courgette tortilla with toppings

Greek: Greek chickpea salad with melting feta

Hungarian: Mushrooms Paprikash

In addition I will make a couple of soups for lunches. I have a butternut squash plus a glut of courgettes and carrots in the kitchen so will make a carrot & courgette soup hopefully tomorrow and then a warming butternut squash & chilli soup on Tuesday.

What are you planning to have this week?


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