Meal planning 2017 – Week 1

OK, so technically this should have been done ahead of this week and we are already half way through this week now but nevertheless if I don’t do this now, I most likely won’t do it at all. Meal planning is something I always think I should be doing as it compliments my frugal nature, my desire to always be planning and organising and of course you waste less food but inevitably it requires time which is somewhat of a rarity but I will endeavour to plan the main meal in the evening as we are all out at work and school during the week.

I am currently following Slimming world so where I can I will try to state what the syn value of the meal is and if they incorporate any healthy extras, for those that are interested. My aim for January is to reduce the carbohydrate intake and increase the protein intake (as I always lose more weight that way).

Monday 2nd January
Kick started the New Year with Slimming World’s smoked salmon, cottage cheese & rocket rolls served with lots of extra salad. Delicious!
[Free & perfect for an extra easy SP day]

Tuesday 3rd January
Tuesdays are my regular day off work as I work four long days, so in theory I have time today to be able to prepare food for the days ahead. I made a courgette soup which should be enough for lunches the next three days at work and I had a big bowl for my dinner. The recipe can be found here (I obviously didn’t bother with the marshmallows and hazelnuts?!). [Free & perfect for an extra easy SP day]

Wednesday 4th January
Honey & Mustard Salmon served with wilted spinach (in garlic, lime & chilli) & oven roasted tomatoes. I will probably have shredded cabbage and the boys will have noodles. [Free & perfect for an extra easy SP day]

Thursday 5th January
Tonight will most probably be a Slimming world speedy quiche which translates as whatever leftover veggies are in the fridge (plus the addition of some from the freezer if there isn’t enough!) along with eggs, fat-free natural cottage cheese and some herbs. Served with salad. If there is any leftover it will accompany my soup quite nicely at lunchtime tomorrow. [Free & perfect for an extra easy SP day]

Friday 6th January
Curry night (with a few tweaks!). There is a recipe I have wanted to try, Kale with Chana and by replacing the butter with frylight (or equivalent), omitting the grated coconut (which I am not that fussed by anyway) and substituting fat-free natural yogurt for the Greek yogurt it shaves a lot of calories off and becomes slimming world friendly. Hooray! If you want to add the tablespoon of mango chutney, its only 2 syns for the whole dish and therefore only 1 per serving. I will probably have this with more vegetables, the boys with rice and a poppadum! [Free (or 1 syn with mango chutney) & perfect for an extra easy SP day]

I did think about having specific food groups or cuisines for each day such as meat-free Mondays and fish Fridays to make it easier to come up with meal ideas and also to maintain variety and balance. Other ideas could be curry one night, burgers another? Does anyone else do that? Maybe I will try that for next week.


One thought on “Meal planning 2017 – Week 1

  1. Oooh I really do need to check out the smoked salmon, cottage cheese and rocket rolls, they sound amazing! Hope you’re having a good week x #mealplanningmonday

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