Yearly Bucket List 2017


I used to be that person that come the 1st of January would produce a list the length of my arm and by the time I got to Spring had failed at most of them. Ironically, last year was the first year I didn’t have ‘lose weight’ on the New Year horizon and I have lost the most weight during that time. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t reached my target weight yet, that is something which I hope I can achieve this year, continuing on with the hard work last year.

Saying that there are certain areas that I would like to focus on this year with the aim to either improve or develop. I am chosen to link up with Beth from Twinderelmo and her monthly bucket list. I will produce monthly bucket lists relevant to that particular month (January’s one soon to follow this one) but kicking the year off with a yearly one that I will review each month.

  1. The blog
    It has been neglected and I would like to try and dedicate a little more time to it. I think that the only way this is going to work is if I pick a few regular  link-up posts to keep up with and if I can fit the odd extra one in here and there, bonus! I have chosen four link-ups:
    – Julia from Rainbeaubelle has a monthly #fiveunder5 linky which combines my frugal nature with my love for a wander in the shops!
    – Morgana from Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat runs a weekly #littleloves linky which allows for reflection on the previous week, when its a bad week it allows you to find the positives, however small. Something I struggle with as I am an incredibly negative person. So this goal will not only benefit in developing the blog but also myself, trying to shift my default negative and pessimistic approach to life.
    – Beth from Twinderelmo’s monthly bucket list, setting monthly achievable goals rather than unachievable yearly ones.
    – Donna from What the Redhead Said runs the weekly Living Arrows. An opportunity to share a moment from the previous week celebrating childhood.
  2. Move house
    We need to move house desperately, the main reason is lack of space and as Archie gets older we are noticing it more and more. I am dreading the move itself but quite looking forward to decluttering in the process.
  3. Hit my Slimming World target weight
    I have been steadily losing weight all year and creeping ever closer to my target weight. I have said it many times before but this year is definitely the year, I can feel it! I already spent a bit of time on New Year’s Day morning clearing out my wardrobe of all the clothes that are now too big for me and it has really spurred me on to stick at it and be a happier, healthier me (finally!).
  4. Attend a blog conference
    I have never been to one, recommendations for perhaps a London based affordable one is welcome. I feel like I need to put faces to the names of all the friendly people I have come across in the blogging community.
  5. Big days out
    There are a number of places we would love to squeeze a visit/ re-visit to during the course of the year. This of course is harder now as we are restricted to school holidays. Most of these are covered by our Merlin annual pass (Warwick Castle, Chessington World of Adventures, London Aquarium, London Eye, London Zoo, Whipsnade Zoo, Legoland Windsor, Thomas Land & Harry Potter studios). I am sure there are more that I have missed.
  6. Continue to save pennies
    This is certainly not an easy task, especially when the majority of our income goes out of the bank account days after payday has been paid in but nevertheless it is always possible to scrimp and save, even a little makes a difference in the long term. Last year I did monthly budgets which really helped, it shocked me how much we could spend per week on food alone! Recording how much was being spent on food, eating out, petrol, clothes etc. was certainly an eye opener and made me think twice about buying something that we perhaps didn’t need or to buy a supermarket branded product instead of a branded product. Meal planning would also help, mental note!
  7. Photography
    I obviously love taking photographs but the majority of them I take using my iPhone, mostly due to convenience and portability. This year I would like to take my DSLR out more when we go out.
  8. Get outdoors
    We love spending time outdoors as a family but we tend to always go to the same places. This year I would like to try visit the beach more often, perhaps try camping and opt to visit and explore new places.
  9. Declutter
    I already made a start on this on New Year’s Day morning with my wardrobe, but there is a lot more to be done to make space in our current home. Archie’s toys take up so much space and we made an effort to take some of his baby toys to the charity shops during December, I wanted him to appreciate that Christmas isn’t all about receiving and I was so proud of him for being able to let go. I am not sure what to do with all his clothes as they take up every crevice in the bedroom in storage boxes?
  10. Read
    I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t manage to finish reading ONE book last year. So if all I do this year is start and finish one book I will be happy! I used to be such a bookworm but that has been replaced with dipping in and out of magazines or reading articles on the computer. I would like to make an effort to turn off the computer at nights and pick up a book instead. It might help me sleep better too.

5 thoughts on “Yearly Bucket List 2017

    1. Thanks Sian. I love a good declutter, feels so good, but I always loose the momentum at the point where everything is a mess and needs sorting out. But i love the end result! We have the Merlin Pass (which expires end of Jan) but toying with whether we renew or not. We probably will. I had a National Trust membership last year but certainly didn’t use it as much as I thought we would which is a shame as I love NT properties. We were given a membership to the Natural History museum which allows free entry to all the exhibitions and fast track access to the museum itself. Worth its weight in gold come the school holidays – we just need the motivation to go more regularly.

  1. I love this list. I definitely need to save the pennies too after going self employed very recently. I think meal planning will help and I’m going to try ordering online so I don’t give in to all the offers! x

    1. Thanks Jennie! I made a concertated effort last year to reel in the unnecessary spending habits and by tracking where our money was actually going we could see what areas we needed to work on. To be honest it was always the food shopping! And we would waste so much of it too. Meal planning did help but I often found that i didn’t have the time to dedicate to doing that but what did help was having almost a list of what we had in the cupboards and trying to use up what we had to make meals rather than always buying new food in. Ordering online definitely reduces the temptation! Good luck for the year ahead xx

  2. Good list! Our house is in desperate need of a declutter, but I’m too much of a hoarder to really let go of stuff. Terrible really.
    I am also planning on joining in on the Little Loves linky, is has been months (years?) since I took part. Is a great way to take stock of the week.

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