Monthly Bucket List – January 2017

This is my first time joining in with a monthly bucket list, hosted by Beth over at Twinderelmo. I am surprised I haven’t done one before as it would fit with my organised nature. I don’t have a previous one to update so here are my goals for January.

1. Meal plan & cook from scratch as much as we can.
2. Make the most of our weekends now the Christmas holidays are over.
3. Save more, spend less.
4. Read a bedtime story to Archie every night.

1. Make progress with decluttering and in particular have a toy clear out as the box of toys from Scotland is about to arrive! I am hoping to partake in Naomi’s Organised Life Project which should help.

1. Lose at least 4lbs (ideally 6-8lbs!).
2. Try to achieve as close to 10,000 steps per day as I can.
3. Drink more (water that is!).
4. Start reading a book (and finish it!).
5. Look after my skin (namely exfoliate and moisturise more regularly!).


4 thoughts on “Monthly Bucket List – January 2017

  1. I really need to get into a better skincare routine. My skin is so temperamental thought so new products are always hard to introduce without a huge fall out! I am back on Slimming World so hoping for a loss this week after a HUGE gain over Christmas, oooops. Thanks for joining in xxx

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