Happy Days: Scotland, Spring & Sunny Days

This is my first ‘Happy Days’ post, a link hosted by Katy at What Katy Said and Sian at Quite Frankly She Said. The purpose of the link is to inspire you to find happiness in each day, making the most of even the most monotonous of days. I like the concept as often it can be difficult to find the time to spot the precious little moments that bring such joy and happiness.
So what has made me happy this week? Here goes!
  • The excitement in Archie’s face when he spotted quite a number of little Robins. They are his favourite bird and he very quietly whispers to them so that they don’t get a fright and fly away. The way he tells everyone around him to be quiet by putting his finger to his lips and ‘shushing’ just melts my heart! The only peace and quiet i tell you – for all of a minute before he is back to himself!
  • Along similar nature themed lines, we spotted a few butterflies this week when we were in Scotland visiting my family over Easter. Watching Archie take off trying to chase them in the orchard of Priorswood Gardens was a treat!
  • Daffodils & tulips. I love how they automatically inject a bit of colour and lift the mood.
  • The days are longer, lighter and brighter. The warmest day of the year is upon us tomorrow, I can’t wait!
  • Watching Masterchef
  • Receiving Archie’s glowing nursery report. Sometimes I worry about how he is getting on those three days that he goes but the report we got home on Friday but all those little niggles to rest. Plus we received an invitation to his graduation in July.
  • Spending a lovely long Easter break in Scotland with the family. It was hard-work as I had Archie on my own for the majority of the time, except from the tiredness, it was good quality mother and son time for me and great to spend time with my parents and sister too.
  • Visiting a local farm in Scotland to see new born lambs, what a treat!
  • Seeing Archie’s face light up when he got to sit in a John Deere tractor. Every boys dream right?
  • First trip to the beach this year, ironically a Scottish beach! We only spent an hour or two making sandcastles, driving dumper trucks and playing tennis before the clouds appeared but it was refreshing.
  • Taking Archie on the Borders railway to Edinburgh with Papa. What a treat for a train loving little boy and his Papa. I love Edinburgh so much, it makes me want to plan to go to the festival again this year in August.
  • Watching Archie’s imagination really take off and develop.
  • Seeing Archie walk Ludo (my parents & sisters little Parson Russell Terrier) and give him treats. Their relationship has never been great but at the end of this last holiday both pre-schooler and dog were starting to become friends.
  • Easter egg hunting at National Trust Priorswood Gardens and Granny’s garden.
  • Making an effort at a few new and delicious recipes this week from the wonderful Becca at Amuse Your Bouche. Make sure to have a wander on over there, I guarantee you will find a whole host of recipes you will want to try. This week I made the one pot vegetarian chilli mac, the 15 minute mushroom stroganoff and currently in the slow cooker is this.

This weekend we are celebrating Daddy’s birthday and spending time with the family. What are your plans to make the most of these longer, lighter, sunnier days?

Quite Frankly She Said

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