Five under £5 – March

I am joining in with Julia’s #fiveunder5 series from Rainbeaubelle once again this month. I really enjoyed having a browse through everyones treasured bargains last month and even felt compelled to hunt out some of them for myself. Every month Julia shares five things she has found that month, each under £5. Check out her most recent five under £5 this month here.

Five under £5 for March (I know there are 6 items here but the postcard was part of last months post and I felt the photo needed brightening up a little!)

Heart necklace, £4.00 from Accessorize (purchased when it was 20% off all jewellery).This chocolate bar has to be one of my all time favourites, £1.20 from Waitrose (currently on offer until the end of March). It goes perfectly with a cup of coffee.March marks the Great Daffodil appeal where people across the country help raise money for the amazing Marie Curie nurses who support people living with a terminal illness, and their families. Marie Curie daffodils are on sale in numerous shops at a minimum donation of £1 and I bought mine today.


Handbag organiser by Periea, found at £5.99 in my local department store, came in slightly over the £5 budget but I just HAD to include it. I love it! I bought one for myself (in red) and one for Archie (as above in black). I can never find anything that I am looking for in my ‘Mary Poppins’ style bag! This means that I can have one for Archie’s essentials and one for mine in the same bag, be able to find what I want easier and quicker and fit them both in the same bag. I feel that this will organise me!

Kilner jar, £1.50 from Robert Dyas. This is a bit of a cheat as the boys got me a couple for Mother’s Day, I am tempted to get more…

Why not join in and share five items that you have bought recently?


6 thoughts on “Five under £5 – March

  1. Who doesn’t love a Kilner jar?!?! I love that necklace! What a bargain! That chocolate looks lush, I am so going to have to try it #fiveunder5 xx

  2. I love that handbag organiser, what a great idea! I am always. always rooting around in my bag for things and usually end up with nappy bags or raisins instead of what I want! The chocolate sounds so good, I think we’ve had it before when I’ve done Ocado shops but we don’t have a Waitrose near us so it isn’t very easy for us to get again. Very sweet little necklace too and a bargain! xx #fiveunder5

  3. How nice does that chocolate look? Really dark choice is my absolute fave, sadly I don’t live near a Waitress but might have to order some online! I need to buy my Marie Curie daffodil too, such a great cause xx Thanks so much for joining in x

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