Spiral vegetable cutter

Eat Healthy magazine is a recently launched food magazine, anyone that knows me well knows I cannot resist a flick through a new magazine, foodie or otherwise, for new recipe inspiration that will provide a nutritionally balanced meal for all of us whilst at the same time tasting good, quick to make and easy on the shopping budget. Not always an easy task and often results in repetitive meal options every week.

When the Eat Healthy magazine team contacted me to ask if I would trial a spiral vegetable cutter and report back, I was more than happy to. I had until that point been using a julienne peeler on courgettes and was keen to see if the recent hype about spiralising vegetables was all it was cut out to be.


I chose to make mini tartlets, using a block of puff pastry as the base, made into 8 rectangles (scoring a border 1cm in from the edge on each) and baked in the oven at 200C/fan 180C/gas 6 for 10 minutes.


I mixed a tub of ricotta with a few teaspoons of sundried tomato pesto and added seasoning. I took the tarts out of the oven and gently pushed in the middles before spreading the ricotta mix inside the border.


I used the spiral vegetable cutter to spiralise two courgettes, tossing the courgette in a splash of olive oil and some seasoning before arranging on top of the ricotta and baking for a further 15-20 minutes.



Overall the spiral vegetable cutter was easy to use and clean and I liked how compact it was. So often I buy kitchen equipment and it takes up too much space sitting on the work top that it ends up in a cupboard never to be used again. What  I did find tricky was switching between the two different julienne blades, perhaps that might become easier the more it is used. What made me happiest was that Archie devoured two of these tartlets alongside some chopped up cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Anything that makes my son eat more vegetables without too much effort to hide them is a winner in my books! I am looking forward to making more meals involving spiralised vegetables and expanding our repertoire of evening meals.

I was sent a Lakeland Spiral Vegetable Cutter to review. All words and photos are my own. 

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