Frugal February – Week 2

The end of the second week and I think we have managed much better this week. A couple of trips to Aldi and a few top up shops to Tesco and Waitrose. Compared to last week we have spent £10 less on our food shopping and not a penny on eating out. Compared to last week, £20 less overall expenditure on food. I am happy with that.

I have been mindful of what we have been buying and what meals we would use it for, a bit more planning involved but this coming week it would be nice to introduce meal plans and get our food budget down to £50 a week. In addition, far less food waste too, which pleases me.

Below is yesterday’s food haul from Aldi.

Leeks 49p, carrots 25p, sweet potatoes 79p, cherry tomatoes 49p, blueberries £1.99, strawberries £1.15 , baby sweetcorn 83p, bananas 89p & bistro salad 73p.
2 x garlic baguettes 62p & 3 x pizzas £2.49
Diet lemonade 17p
Cheese & onion sandwich filler 79p, mature cheddar £1.59, chorizo sausage £1.35, butternut squash + sage triangoli £1.69 & sweet aubergine + heirloom roasted tomato cappellacci £1.69
Malted bloomer 99p, sundried tomatoes 99p, anchovies 59p, sardines 39p, mayonnaise 79p, tomato ketchup 55; & malted milk biscuits 35p.

 Total spend = £24.47


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