Five Under £5 For February

I am joining in with Julia’s #fiveunder5 series from Rainbeaubelle for the second time this year. Every month she shares five things she has found that month, each under £5. Check out her most recent five under £5 this month here.

1. I picked this Jamie Oliver Cake book up in TK Maxx. This shop is fast becoming one of my favourite haunts to peruse recently, especially when I find bargains like this. I found this slightly worse for wear version in the clearance section for £2 at the start of the month. Yes, it will probably sit on the shelf with all the other cooking and baking books.

2. I came across this cute Caroline Gardner diary in Clintons at the very end of January as part of their Christmas clearance. At £2.99 i couldn’t help but snap it up and I have transformed it into a blogging planner.  
3. These next three photos are a bit of a cheat! They are all postcards from Paperchase at 70p each (in total they come to more than a fiver). A couple of them I have popped into photo frames and they look quite nice interspersed with photos. The rest I will keep to send with parcels or just to brighten a friends day.


4. Another cheat. I am not very good at sticking to the rules, but good at bending them! I got these books, again at TK Maxx, on Saturday just gone. I have decided to continue with the vegetarianism and treated myself to a few books to inspire. All of these were less than £5 each and I am looking forward to having a good look through them and picking out some new recipes to try out that are hopefully family friendly.

5. Last but not least, Archie and I picked these up in the pound shop on Saturday, for £1 of course! He loves them and his imagination runs wild with them. Most recently we have been hiding Lego characters in them! 

Why not join in and share five items that you have bought recently?


10 thoughts on “Five Under £5 For February

    1. Thanks Julia! I have already had a flick through the accidental vegetarian one and seen a few recipes that have caught my eye to try. I have to stop myself even walking into Paperchase, no self discipline! I am really enjoying this monthly link-up and looking forward to next month already.

  1. I love TKMaxx, it always has something different and you can usually get a bargain. The veggie cookbooks look good, we aren’t officially veggie but my husband doesn’t like a lot of meat so we do eat a lot of vegetarian meals. I love the paperchase postcards, I always pick up a few when I’m in too, I need to get some new ones and I’m going to look out for some of the eggs too! #fiveunder5

    1. I rarely walk out of TK Maxx without something Hayley, such a weakness. And i used to never go in there because i couldn’t handle the lack of order to everything, but i am a convert! A good rummage about can be quite therapeutic. I was vegetarian for many year, then craved a bacon sarnie whilst pregnant, continued to eat a bit of meat now and again, more for easy family meals to be honest. But now, I am back to my vegetarian ways #fiveunder5

  2. Oh I never find bargains like that in my TK Maxx, I was looking at the books on Saturday too – well done! I have been a veggie for more than 20 years, I can heartily recommend the Cranks books, they are great and AmuseYourBuche blog. I also love your post cards, I have been framing similar printables recently, I love their positive messages. Five great finds xx

    1. Thanks for the veggie book suggestions! I was vegetarian for many years before I was pregnant, a few years of dipping in and out of eating meat and i am back to my veggie ways. And i like it! I will look at the Cranks book and i love the Amuse You Buche blog! So many great recipe ideas.

    1. Thank you! I can rarely walk into a paper chase without coming out of there with something. I have no will power. I am sure we will more fun with the eggs over the next few weeks in the lead up to Easter, they are from Poundland if you want to find them xox

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