Aldi Challenge

Hello Monday! Normally I am working on a Monday but I have switched my days around this week which gave me the opportunity to drop Archie off to nursery this morning. To kick the week off well, I made a trip to our local Aldi store to pick up a few bits and pieces that I might normally buy as part of our weekly shop and see how much I could save. I certainly didn’t get enough in that will do us as a family of three for the whole week but it has given me food for thought and I will certainly make sure a trip to Aldi’s becomes a regular weekly occurrence.

Here is what I picked up:

The salad will go towards my lunches for the next couple of days and the stir-fry mix and mange tout will make a dinner one night this week. The mushrooms might go towards either a risotto or an omelette based dinner. Onions will contribute to all of those & more!

Vegetable stir-fry 79p, Baby kale, pak choi & baby leaf salad 79p, Mangetout 59p, Chestnut mushrooms 59p & onions 49p

The cheese & onion sandwich filler is for Archie (his favourite sandwich!) and will make all his sandwiches for this week at nursery. Fish fingers will be a meal at some point this week I am sure. Not sure what will happen with the mozzarella, maybe together with the salad leaves it will go towards my lunches. The creme caramel is a treat!

Cheese & onion filler 79p, mozzarella 43p, fish fingers £1.29 & creme caramel 65p

Store cupboard essentials here. Archie has a wheat biscuit every morning for his breakfast so we go through a lot of these. Oatcakes are my go to snack and malted milk biscuits are Archie’s. The malted bloomer, I admit was a bit luxurious but it is yummy! It will make great sandwiches.

Sunflower oil 85p, Malted bloomer 99p, Malted milk biscuits 35p, wheat biscuits 69p & oatcakes 59p


I was pleased to find this as at the moment I am buying the Dettol branded version which is almost twice the price of this! We try to run lower degree washes and this kills 99.9% of the bacteria that might get missed from say doing a hotter wash.

Laundry cleanser £2.49

Total spend of £13.16
(£3.25 on vegetables, £3.95 on fridge/freezer items, £3.47 on cupboard items and £2.49 on laundry items).






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