Frugal February – Week 1


So thats the end of the first week of February and as I spoke about a week a go, we have been trying our very best to limit our expenditure.

I have just taken a look at the figures and it really surprises me that we still managed to spend £70 on food this week. Bearing in mind this is without any meat, fish or alcohol being purchased. If I think about it, some of the most expensive items on the everyday list are for Archie. His addiction to fruit (expensive fruit at that!) is making a significant hole in my purse each week. His love for every berry going (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries to name a few) and grapes is clearly impacting on our food budget. Outside of that, we only spent £15 on eating out, the odd coffee here and there for me and the odd bit of lunch when Reuben was out and about. Not bad really, but could be better. Every other area was as expected.

So the aim for week 2: to continue to reduce the weekly cost of our food shop & keep eating out to a minimum. Let’s go!


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