Frugal February

I think I do this about the same time every year, but after the expense of December and the consequence of paying it all off in January, its time to knuckle down on how much we are spending, on what and questioning ourselves, do we really need it? Common sense suggests the majority of our unnecessary expenditures comes down to being more organised and forward planning. However, that is easier said than done of course when you are juggling everyday life.

This month we are going to try and keep a more detailed account of what we are spending each day and at the end of the month seeing where all our well earned pennies are going. As the other half pointed last night, because we know we are doing it we are more aware of what we are spending and therefore will spend less than in a usual month. Riddled with inaccuracies, of course it is! But it is no bad thing to focus on what we are spending and to find ways to save, every penny counts right?

So, to kick it off. I made a spread sheet. Of course I did. I love a spread sheet. Dates of this month down the left hand side and across the top all the columns under which we spend. So far I have food, which I have divided into supermarket shops and eating out. Who am I kidding, we never eat out! But we do grab a lot of take away coffees, lunches for Archie when we have forgotten to make a packed lunch for him, the odd sandwich for ourselves etc. I know before we even started that this section will be our largest outgoings but often it hits home more when the figures are staring you in the face and it would be nice to be able to cut back on food waste and take home some lessons from it. I know I should always get a packed lunch prepared for Archie but sometimes outings are spontaneous (or there is nothing in the fridge to even start making a lunch with!) and there isn’t always the time and sometimes, just sometimes its necessary for a good coffee first thing in the morning when you have seen more hours awake than asleep the night before. Other sections include travel, petrol, toiletries, magazines (I am like a magazine addict – but I never have time to read them, so stop buying them!) and other.

So, lets see how it goes and I will keep you updated as the month goes by. Until then have a look at this website on food waste, there are plenty hints and tips on there about what you can and cannot freeze in order to reduce what you take straight from the fridge, turn your nose up at it and throw it straight in the bin. There are also some great recipes on there to use up leftover veggies and tips on how to save money on your food bills, I will certainly be having a good read.


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