Big Garden Birdwatch Weekend

We ventured out yesterday armed with our RSPB bird book and handy identification chart that we got as part of our pack. We don’t have a garden but used our local park as our chosen sample area and we were treated to such a variety of species over the hour we were there.

Last week we picked up a bird feeder with some bird seed to hang in one of the trees just outside our front window to try and encourage some activity in the hope that we could spend an hour counting birds from the comfort of the living room window.

IMG_1683No such luck, disappointingly there hasn’t been much activity, however on the day we hung it up there was a brave little Robin trying to navigate its way to the feeder. Maybe we have it positioned so that it is too exposed or too hard to get to? Either way, Archie is really enthusiastic about looking after the birds and spotting them when they do come near ,which is really lovely and I hope will continue to develop his inquisitive nature.

To start with all we saw were pigeons, blackbirds, crows, the odd collared dove and of course plenty of squirrels (which seemed to be scaring everything away!). But as we scooted to more remote areas of the park we spotted a robin (highlight of Archie’s day!), a couple of starlings and a magpie.

This year has seen a particularly mild winter during December which has meant that the availability of berries and seeds in the wild has increased and left the bird population less reliant on garden bird feeders. Which is perhaps why we haven’t seen many visitors to our bird feeder? However, the recent cold snap in January has changed that so be sure to make a difference and give our feathery friends a better chance of survival by providing food and water in your gardens if you can.


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