Little Loves 3/52

For the third week I am joining in with Morgana from Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat and her weekly #LittleLoves link.

This week has been a funny one, Archie still hasn’t recovered fully from his viral infection and has a persistent chesty cough which has meant a lot of disturbed nights still and him grabbing naps when he comes homes from nursery. I know this will ring major alarm bells with any Mum’s out there as this inevitably means late bedtimes and in general we are all a bit out of sync because of it. When Archie (eventually!) does fall asleep, either i already have or I am hot on his heels. So there hasn’t been much opportunity for any ‘me’ time this week to read or watch anything. However we made up for it with ‘hearing’ and ‘making’!


I have been reading quite a few blogs this week, dipping in and out of posts here, there and everywhere whenever the opportunity arises. There hasn’t been a chance to do much else unfortunately, despite carrying my book around with me wherever I went! However Archie and I did spend a lovely Tuesday morning reading our Big Garden Birdwatch pack and identifying the most common British birds that we are going to be looking out for in a couple of weekends time. I also luckily won a family membership to the Natural History Museum and so have been reading about their exhibitions that they currently have on and those planned for the rest of the year. Top 3 exhibits to get to include Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Michael Benson’s Otherworld and the Bauer Brothers.


I watched ‘Home’ on NOW TV with Archie last night. He is a stickler for routine and I just couldn’t face another showing of Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 or the Minion movie! He was resistant to the idea of a movie that he didn’t know anything about but little did he know that he had already watched it at the cinema. It was the first film he saw at the cinema with his cousins in the summer and he seemed fairly entranced by it. It made a change and I have to admit even I enjoyed it a little bit.


Archie-isms. This week has been full of comedy one-liners from Archie and I must write them down as he says them as I often forget when I am trying to recall to Reuben what he said to make me chuckle. He has also said some really lovely things this week as well:
‘You have a really beautiful smile Mummy.’
‘You are really good at building this Lego train Mummy.’
When playing with Lego yesterday he declared that ‘this is my dream!’
Ah, to be a 4 year old once again!


We have made a lot this week. Archie has been on a screen time ban since mid-week, so anything to distract him from wanting to sit in front of an iPad or Kindle in a hypnotic state or even worse, whingeing about it! I spent most of Tuesday morning making play doh pizzas and cookies. This then progressed to making a family of play doh worms (Daddy worm, Mummy worm and Archie worm) who travelled around the living room on a minion skateboard. This was hours of fun and made for a very pleasant morning with a very happy boy. Wednesday and Thursday once I got home from work was spent making various LEGO bits and bobs. I was pretty proud of myself when I finished making the 60052 LEGO City Cargo Train. IMG_1545.JPG
Last nights efforts resulted in a LEGO City Cargo Train Station. Tonight we will suffice with the effort Archie made at nursery, what is it? It’s anyone’s guess!


Gloves and scarves! There has definitely been a chill in the air this week and a couple of mornings I have had to defrost the car before work. Fingers crossed for some snow this weekend!


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