Big Garden Birdwatch

We ordered our Big Garden Birdwatch free pack from the RSPB website just after Christmas and it arrived just the other day, Archie and I only just got around to opening it this morning and my budding nature explorer loves it! It is a lovely little pack with a booklet explaining the when, what and why.

The Big Garden Birdwatch is the world’s largest wildlife survey and started as a children’s activity in 1979 and exists in the same simple format today. You can choose an hour at your conveinence over the last weekend in January (30-31st).

All you have to do is identify which birds come and go to your garden or local park during that time. The pack contains an identification chart for the most commonly sighted British birds. Once you have completed the survey you can either send it back in the post or register online.

The survey provides a snapshot of how the birds in the UK are doing and to identify which of those are doing well and which might be in trouble. Sometimes due to a lack of food or somewhere safe to nest can be reasons for falling numbers of particular species of birds. This can be resolved by encouraging people to give nature a home in their garden.

The pack comes with a couple of window stickers and a couple of postcards too. Archie got pretty excited at these as robins are his favourite bird.

Please help in giving nature a home and join in with us!


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