Five Under £5 For January

 I am joining in with Julia’s #fiveunder5 series from Rainbeaubelle for the first time this month. Every month she shares five things she has found that month, each under £5. This is perfect for the bargain hunter in me and it’s fair to say I have successfully raided the stationary section in TK Maxx this month. I struggle to go in that shop without coming out with something for Archie, and an item/(s) from the kitchen/ stationary/ book/ home sections.

Eat Healthy Magazine £1.99 – Sainsbury’s

Molly & Rex Journals (set of 3) £3.99 – TK Maxx

Liberty Art Fabrics Notecards  £2.99 – TK Maxx

Chronicle Books Journal £2.99 – TK Maxx

MT washi tapes (pack of 4) £3.99 – TK Maxx



2 thoughts on “Five Under £5 For January

  1. Thanks so much for joining in – what a fab selection! Please can I have all of it?! I hardly ever go into TK Maxx to be honest I think I am missing a trick, love the Liberty notecards and washi tape. Total bargains! x

    1. To be fair Julia I have to be in the right mind set to go in as it can’t be with the little one thats for sure (unless he is asleep!). The Liberty notecards are almost too nice to open and I was super pleased with the washi tape bargain. Looking forward to joining in next month already x

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