Welcome 2016

It really isn’t the first day of a New Year without talking about what resolutions you think you should have and then trying to make realistic versions of the list so you don’t fall at the first hurdle. I have a few, some are very similar to every year, but with good intentions and all that..IMG_9648.JPG

  1. Less meat. I debated about whether to return to vegetarianism in the last week or so of the New Year, not sure what triggered this, I guess I was eating more meat than normal for me and felt underwhelmed by it’s taste and texture at each of the meals. That isn’t to say that I don’t enjoy it, sometimes, but most of the time I am happy to eat a meal that happens to be meat-free for most of the days in the week and so I will make a concerted effort to eat mostly vegan or vegetarian meals for the majority of the time and no more than one meat and one fish dish per week. This will tie in nicely to my other food based resolution, which is to try out a new recipe once a week. I have a phenomenal recipe collection, whether thats recipe books, food magazines or ones I have saved on the computer.
  2. I would like to read a book this year. I know that sounds crazy to some of you! Rather than sitting down in front of the TV at night or picking up my laptop I will endeavour to pick up a book and finish it. I used to be a proper bookworm but a multitude of reasons have led to the diminish of this hobby of mine.
  3. Be more positive. I am definitely much more ‘glass half empty’ than ‘glass half full’ kind of person. I am not sure how to tackle this but would like to ensure Archie does not inherit this trait and I am sure my negativity will start to rub off on him. Positive vibes!
  4. Consider moving house. We need more space and rooms if we ever want to expand the family, we debated about it this year and I kind of wish we had done it. I think once we find out which school Archie is going to go to mid-April then we will make have a better idea as to where we want/ need to move to. Then we just need to act on it. I will miss our beautifully large living room with high ceilings and bay windows though.
  5. Continue our adventures. We had lots of fun days out last year and had fun planning our short breaks too. It would be nice to utilise the freedom we have before Archie starts at school to get away during term-time. As i mentioned in my last post we have a week in the Lake District planned for May and a week in Wales in September. I think the next opportunity to get away will be at Easter and hopefully we will make it up to Scotland.
  6. Make time for family & friends. This is always on my mind, but isn’t always easy to achieve. For the family and friends that are near, being more spontaneous might help. For those that are further afield, it’s harder, but perhaps planning long weekends away near to them is an idea? And for those I can’t easily reach, emails will have to do.
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