Reflections & Resolutions

Reflecting on 2015, it was a year of change for all of us in the house. I left my job of almost 10 years in April to take on new job in May, much closer to home and Archie started at pre-school in August. This coming year will mark the start of school for Archie, such a big step for him (and me!) and I am hoping that another 8 months at pre-school will help develop his skills and attributes in preparation for his first year at school. I just can’t imagine him at school just now.

We were lucky to enjoy some lovely breaks away this past year. We took an extended trip to Scotland to see the family in-between jobs in April followed by a wonderful long weekend on the Isle of Wight to celebrate a very special friends wedding from university days gone by. This was such a fantastic trip, catching up with friends, some of whom both Reuben & I had not seen in 10 years! Some of Reuben’s extended family managed to visit this year too which was nice, starting the year with a very special visit from a cousin from Canada, followed by a visit from an Aunt & Uncle from Australia in May, when we managed to organise a day out on the boat in Nuneaton with the whole family. We met with my parents, my sister and the dog for a week in the Lake District in September and enjoyed a family break in Cromer, just the three of us in August. We already have a week in the Lake District planned for next May to celebrate my sister’s 30th and a week in Wales in August to celebrate Dad turning 65. Hopefully we will manage to get back to Scotland sooner rather than later, perhaps an Easter trip is in order. There are so many places still to tick on the travel list, maybe we will manage a few long weekends here and there, taking advantage of the time before we are restricted to school holidays.

I hope to manage my blog a little better this year. On reflection it just isn’t possible to work full time, be a Mum and also have time to dedicate to the blog so I am hoping with a little extra planning now I will manage to produce smaller but more regular posts throughout the year. Watch this space!

I hope that you all have a wonderful evening reflecting and celebrating the end of 2015 and welcoming the new year, 2016. I hope that the new year is prosperous and brings good health, happiness and lots of fun adventures to each of you and your loved ones.

Happy Hogmanay!



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