#1day12pics | a photo an hour in October

I really enjoy this monthly opportunity to make a photographic diary of our day, we missed last month’s as we were in the Lake District and as nice as it would have been, I forgot all about it amongst all the fun and chaos of the holiday. So it was nice to get back into it last Saturday.

There is rarely a day goes by where trains do not feature, I love watching his imagination grow as he makes up stories about what is happening in our living room on a daily basis.

All wrapped up! Despite the days being unseasonably warm, the mornings most definitely have a chill in the air.

A lovely sign of Autumn, we spotted a horse chestnut tree on our walk into town laden with conkers.

I love this photo. We had great fun collecting conkers to take home with us. I have been searching Pinterest for conker crafts – suggestions of what we do with them are welcome.

I mentioned in my last blog post that I wanted to try and spend more time with friends. These two cuties Archie has known since they were born, it is lovely to see them grow and play together.

Simple outdoor fun, nothing pleases Archie more than to be outside with friends.

Archie spotted this beautiful sycamore leaf in the park, another colourful sign of Autumn.
One of the stalls at the newly relaunched Enfield Town market
This looked so enticing, but i resisted!

Movie night, featuring the new Thomas film.


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