Family Saturday at the Skip Garden

Our weekends tend to be a mixture of going to support a local event (of which there are many at this time of the year), a trip to the park (to tire Archie out!), getting the house looking less like a pigsty and each of us trying to grab a a moments relaxation before a new working week begins and the whole cycle begins again. Now and again we muster up enough energy to venture into the big city if we spot something particularly interesting going on.

So off we set on an early Saturday morning train into Kings Cross with the sun shining. We were off to the Skip Garden, which is the home base of charity organisation Global Generation. They use land-based activities to build a relationship between the local community and the natural world, through activities such as supporting bees, carpentry and urban food growth.

 Their city base is the Skip Garden, a moveable urban food growing garden in the middle of the King’s Cross development site. An urban oasis amongst the rise of glass and steel buildings, in which herbs, chillies, apples, sweet potatoes and cabbages grow out of skips and planters made out of scaffold boards and other reclaimed materials. They also create gardens on rooftops and restaurant terraces. The country home is in the middle of Pertwood Organic Farm in Wiltshire.

We had fun exploring the garden and straightaway Archie took to the watering can and repeatedly filled and re-filled, watering all the skip gardens and potted plants. I think the plants were grateful for a good soaking as the soil was quite dry with all the good weather we have had.

 There was a clay station, which Archie wasn’t interested in. One of the chefs, Sadhbh, was great at engaging Archie’s interest and took him off to see if the chickens had laid any eggs and they had! Archie’s face was a delight. He took the egg, very slowly and very proudly, to the kitchen. Sadhbh then took him to the composter to show him how vegetable peelings turned into soil. He loved to turn the compost using the handle at the end and took great delight in sifting the soil, using a trommel, to separate coarse unfinished compost materials from the finished product.  

At midday, we all sat down together to a feast of vegetable kebabs in a soy glaze served with noodles, peanut satay sauce and a carrot and pumpkin salad. Demolished by us all and the only time in the day when all the kids were quiet.The Skip Garden and Skip Garden Kitchen are open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 – 4pm serving cakes, teas and coffees and seasonal lunches including super salads and a daily special from 12 – 2pm. Go visit, you won’t be disappointed!

What Katy Said

4 thoughts on “Family Saturday at the Skip Garden

  1. Oh wow, I love urban gardens I think they are so clever but I’ve never heard of a skip garden. It looks beautiful – I’d definitely love to visit it sometime. Archie looks very into it all. 🙂

    Thanks for joining our #HappyDayLinky

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous photos! What a great day you had. I have never heard of a skip garden either but they look great! Thanks for sharing in #HappyDaysLinky x

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