#1day12pics | a photo an hour in July

Gosh, what a funny night. Enfield saw hours and hours of a thunderstorm, quite spectacular, however it made for a disturbed nights sleep and explaining to Archie what thunder and lightening was at the small hours. Therefore a slightly later wake up this morning. This photo sums up every morning in our house. Archie regularly takes a bowl of weetabix and milk. I’m grateful that he enjoys a sugar free simple breakfast #VSCOcam #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015
Strawberry picking #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015
Trying to stop a toddler from eating our strawberry harvest is near impossible #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015
Lunch was meant to be a picnic in the park but Archie got distracted looking under stones for mini-beasts and found a wood louse. Named William of course. So an impromptu sandwich next to William took place in the town instead #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015 #VSCOcam
Archie FINALLY took a nap and it was time for a Mummy treat at The Library Cafe; a latte with pomegranate & pistachio cupcake (thanks Urvashi!) under the shade of a tree #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015
Seeking shade in town park and finding more mini-beasts for the big catcher. So far two ladybird nymphs have joined William the wood louse #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015
Gosh I love this flower, but have no idea what it is. Anyone? I wish I knew more about plants. Next years resolution? #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015
Only just home from a long day out in the glorious sunshine with freshly picked strawberries in the fridge to have with ice-cream later, Archie’s happy immersed in train track activity and I have a brief moment to sit down with an ice cold diet coke and my new find #readly. It has almost all the magazines I ever want to browse and instead of unnecessary purchases every month and wasting all that paper they are just there. On my iPad for when I have the time to browse. #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015
Handprinting #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015
Post-dinner perusal of the paper, some nice recipes in the Guardian summer food special #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015
Strawberries 🍓 from this mornings efforts with ice-cream 🍨. Perfection #1Day12Pics #Remarkable2015
The end of another #1Day12Pics, it’s been fun and I’ve discovered some new instagrammers along the way. Thanks Emma for hosting and to Charlotte for introducing me to the link up. Happy Saturday evening folks!
Summary of our day

I am linking this post up with happydays co-hosted by What Katy Said and Tiny Footsteps.


5 thoughts on “#1day12pics | a photo an hour in July

  1. I love the idea of taking 12 pics in a day. Might have to try it sometime myself. 🙂

    It’s so cute that the he named the bug William – and that cupcake looks gorgeous! #HappyDays

    1. Do give it a go. It’s a lovely way to document your day. He is a mini-beast enthusiast and loves hunting them out whenever we are out and about. The cupcake was amazing. Like nothing I had ever tasted. Delicious.

  2. Gorgeous photos. It takes me back to such fond memories of strawberry picking as a child.

    I wish I’d known about the 1day12pics challenge – it sounds like a lot of fun.

    Thanks for joining our #HappyDaysLinky

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