To Do List | July

Once again it has been too long since i managed to find some time to sit down and write. We are having some wonderful summer sunshine in London at the moment and so we are making the most of my days off on a Tuesday (before the kids break up for summer) and at the weekends to be outside and explore. Which means I am not at home as much, when I am I am doing my damned best to do as little as possible in order to be as cool as possible. These sticky humid nights play havoc with everyones sleeping habits. I figured maybe I would manage to blog more if my posts were shorter and in a list format so for the first time i’m linking up with Mum’s Days and You Baby Me Mummy who co-host #TheList every Friday.

1. Explore London
We have already ticked this one off (and it is only 3 days into July!) but thought i would mention it as I am not sure we will get around to a separate blog post. We don’t go into London nearly as often as I would like and this past Tuesday on my day off, with sunshine predicted, we set off with no real set plans as to what we were going to do and ended up having a truly wonderful day. We spent hours of simple fun in the water fountains at Granary Square before taking a stroll to Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road so Mummy could have a rummage in the sale whilst Archie had a kip before making our way back via Coram Fields for some last minute fun and a final visit to the fountains before our train home. Kings Cross is unexpectedly child friendly and for all the local Enfield mummies it is so easy to get to on the overground train and once you are there everything is within walking distance. I urge you to go and explore and at the same time I managed to rack up over 15,000 steps on my FitBit at the same time! Fitness bonus!  

Swinging in a giant birdcage
Granary Square Fountains

Coram Fields paddling pool
Playing in the sand at Coram Fields
Family fun in the sun

 2. Picnics in the parkSuch a simple concept but lovely nonetheless. If this weather holds up then I hope we will manage to have at least one picnic a week, this weekend we are hoping to have a lovely family picnic at one of our local attractions, Forty Hall, where they are holding an event called ‘Music on the Lawn‘ featuring local musicians and bands. Archie is excited to see the North London ukulele band (S.O.U.P) again that we saw at The Big Lunch in June. Towards the end of the month we hope to go to the second Lazy Sunday Afternoon in Hilly Fields, where Soul Agents will be playing. The first one was at the end of June and proved to be a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon, this time we shall go prepared with all the picnic attire we lacked last time!

3. Make time to spend with friends and family
Time passes all too quickly and before I know it months have passed since I have seen some of my nearest and dearest. So I would like to make more of an effort to catch-up over the summer months when it is easier to bring along a toddler to a park than it is to take one to a cafe! I could incorporate this with exploring London more.

4.  Arts
I have mentioned, on more than one occasion, how much we enjoy Chickenshed. In July they have their Summer Arts Festival & Tales Big Day Out. The arts festival is a free family event incorporating different arts activities and performers from the boroughs of Enfield and Barnet.

5. Shrek’s Adventure
This I will definitely manage to blog about, we have Merlin passes and have managed to get free tickets to visit the newest Merlin attraction on the 14th July. Must get the Shrek DVD’s out…for Archie of course!

6. First trip to the cinema
This will be somewhat of a challenge, but if the new Thomas & Friends movie (Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure) can’t engage our 3 year old for 63 minutes then nothing can.

7. Explore nature
Archie loves the outdoors and what comes with that is a love for creepy crawlies. So when i spotted that one of our local parks had organised (almost) monthly activities I signed Archie up. At £1 for a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon, its perfect! This month it is mini-beast madness! In addition to this, Archie’s Auntie Louise gave him an Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden, I have ordered the caterpillars and over the rest of this month Archie is going to learn about metamorphosis and in 3-5 weeks we will release our butterflies!

8. Take part in kindness projects
I have signed up for both the #stationaryswap and #summertimesurpriseproject. The stationary swap is run by Jocelyn over on The Reading Residence. The concept is simple, gather a small bundle of stationery bits and pieces up to the value of £5, package them up and send them out into the world to brighten your swap partners day! You still have time to sign up to this one. The Summertime Surprise Project is similar in that the simple aim of the project is to send and receive summer cheer. Who doesn’t love receiving a parcel in the post? Someone should start one of these for kiddies…

9. Strawberry picking
Perfect time of the year to pick your own and we have a wonderful farm within walking distance to us, I must try and go there more often this summer. At the moment they have plenty of strawberries, spinach, courgettes, beetroot and limited raspberries with redcurrants and broad beans on their way!

10. Find toddler-friendly recipes
Archie loves getting involved with any cooking or baking I do, however I get suitably stressed out about the whole process so I will try to find some toddler-friendly recipes where he can get hands-on and involved in the process more without me fretting about him mixing it too much or adding the wrong ingredient at the wrong time. It seems whatever he makes, he happily eats, so it could result in less stressful mealtimes, a potential win-win situation? This could marry up nicely with the pick your own farm.

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2 thoughts on “To Do List | July

  1. oooh! They’ve filled in the pond at Coram Fields! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that filled before, lovely stuff. We were thinking of visit there today funnily enough so I’ll have to remember to pack swimming stuff!

    1. Oh do go! It’s wonderful there at the moment. Everything is naturally shaded with the trees and it’s the first time that I had been and the paddling pool was filled it. It was lovely to splash around in and just perch on the edge watching Archie squeal with excitement. Enjoy your day!

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