June: In Season

Last month I wrote about rhubarb and asparagus as the fruit and vegetable of the month of May that was at its best and in season. I managed to make a rhubarb crumble but failed to make a dish with wonderful asparagus spears. So this month I am going to make more of an effort to use those fruits and veggies that are tasting at their best right now in the month of June. Those are peas, broad beans and strawberries (definitely one of my favourites!).  I must admit it won’t be difficult to make sure we incorporate peas and strawberries into dishes this month but i will try to use them in different ways rather than just running them under the tap and eating a punnet at a time! Broad beans will be a challenge as I am not a fan but will hopefully manage to find a dish that makes myself (and Archie) enjoy them.

strawberry-1024x768So fruit of the month is the strawberry – the ultimate summer fruit. A happy heart
shaped sight that are abundant and as tasty as they get right now. Both Archie and I love strawberries and will happily eat a bowl at any time of the day but I feel challenged to cook with them or bake something different with them. I have come across ideas aplenty including strawberry jam (which I have never made before but always wanted to) to accompany scones and a generous helping of clotted cream (afternoon tea anyone?), jammy biscuits and these strawberry milk pops

Did you know that a cup of peas has more protein than an egg? Do you need another reason to eat more peas? We love them in this household. Archie will happily chomp his way through a cup of peas before he has his main meal at dinner time. This month I hope to try out a few new recipes with peas as the main ingredient such as pea risotto, pea humous and pea and spring onion tart.

broad-bean-the-suttonA little more challenging is the broad bean. We don’t normally buy these and certainly
don’t deliberately cook with them, however I hope to give these recipes ago this month to change my perception; broad bean pesto and broad bean bruschetta.

Send any recipe inspirations my way, happy June!


2 thoughts on “June: In Season

  1. I love broad beans! Saute them in butter and sage and sprinkle parmesan on top and I defy you not to like them! Must try a pesto that sounds good and you can make hummus out of it too which is amazing. The pick your own at Parkside Farm grow them every year, maybe if you try them when they’re really fresh you’ll like them better (and you then don’t have to deal with the rubbery outer shell thing)?

    1. I am willing to give them a go! Maybe I will be a lover of broad beans by the end of the month. I shall let you know. Of to get some broad beans today…

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