Chickenshed Theatre

Gosh I have a lot of blog posts to catch-up on (maybe I will manage a few over this IMG_8896bank holiday weekend!) as it has been such a busy few weeks. However, yesterday Archie and I spent some quality time together at the Chickenshed theatre in Southgate, North London. We have been here twice before and each time Archie has loved it more and more. So, when I spotted half-price tickets through LittleBird at the end of this week, we spontaneously decided to go.

The name ‘Chickenshed’ comes from exactly that. In 1974, Jo Collins (a musician and composer) met Mary Ward (a teacher and director). They both shared a belief in harnessing creativity in everyone and anyone and started the first truly inclusive theatre company, in a chicken shed. Now they are primarily based in North London (not in a chickenshed but a purpose-built venue), where they create theatre for all ages and run successful outreach projects, education courses and membership programmes throughout the year. They are also a registered charity.
Yesterday they held one of their ‘Tales Big Day Out‘ days (the next one is in July and I thoroughly recommend making a trip if you haven’t already done so). Tickets are normally £8 per child and the same for an adult with babies under 1 free. The day started with a meet and greet followed by a warm-up and introduction taking place in the main Rayne theatre. Afterwards we were able to choose between storytelling with Wendy from Story Boat in the Studio Theatre or help to tell the story of Goldilocks with a Tales spin (but able to do both)  . Finishing off with a festival finale!

Tales Big Day Out was enjoyable and entertaining for both Archie and I. Archie was quite shy and reserved to begin with but the Chickenshed team were fantastic at interacting with and encouraging the children to participate throughout the day in what was one giant interactive workshop. We will be back to at least one, if not all of the IMG_8894upcoming events:

Tales from the Shed – Summer Season
Tales from the Shed at Dugdale Centre
Summer Arts Festival
Tales Big Day Out – July
Tales from the Shed’s – Darnaby’s Space Race
Planet Play – Tales from the Shed’s amazing summer show


2 thoughts on “Chickenshed Theatre

    1. The tales big day outs are great value and the festival in July in free so great opportunities for Imogen to become reacquainted with the theatre!

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