I will be taking part in the #Make30Photos challenge run by Emma Davies Photography which is a 30 day photo challenge with a twist – you can take as long as you like to complete the challenge with the only requirement to think about your photo before you take it – make it, don’t take it. There are 30 prompts to inspire each photo:

1. Fill the frame with one colour
2. Things in threes
3. Black and white
4. Shot at midday
5. Abstract
6. Snail’s eye view
7. Reflection
8. Lit by a window
9. Something older than me
10. Food
11. Shadows
12. Background separation
13. Balance
14. Urban
15. Extreme editing
16. Eye-catching
17. Behind the scenes
18. Patterm
19. Wildlife
20. Break the rule of thirds
21. Only 2 colours
22. Move the camera
23. Self portrait
24. Movement
25. Stripes
26. Weather
27. Silhouette
28. Depth
29. Vintage
30. Texture


4 thoughts on “#Make30Photos

  1. I would love to do this challenge but I’ve tried things like this before and only ever manage a week!! Is it on Instagram do you know? X

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