Lee Valley Park Farm

After spending the last year working full-time (as a physiologist and a mummy) and studying part-time (for a post-graduate diploma in Healthcare Leadership), the sense of relief was immense when I handed in my final assignment on Saturday night. The thought of waking up on a Sunday morning, not filled with dread about having to face a day of reading and/or writing, meant I could finally start working my way through the list of things I had complied for when I finished. Top of the list was to spend more time with family and friends and so on Sunday, Archie and I spontaneously went to Lee Valley Farm Park to enjoy time with each other and friends in the glorious sunshine.

We had been once before but when Archie was maybe only a year and a half. I bought a years pass for us all on an offer through LittleBird at the start of the year and it was the perfect occasion to activate the membership, to be able to make the most of it with the start of the good weather.

Tractor ride

There was plenty to do, we managed to see most of the animals including the new meerkat lookout that wasn’t there the last time. The kids had hours of fun on the giant jumping pillow, riding on tractors and in the outdoor play area. We had a picnic lunch, despite a chilly breeze and headed for a ride on Tex the tractor to observe the working dairy farm. We didn’t manage to catch any of the spring-tactic farm fun activities throughout the day, but the joy of the annual pass was that we didn’t feel the need to squeeze everything into one day. Throughout the day there was oppurtunities to bottle feed orphan lambs, hold a guinea-pig and watch Falconry flying displays.

The farm holds several events throughout the year, including sheep week in May, Ben and Holly day on the 14th June and take your Dad for free on Father’s Day in June. During the summer holidays from July 25th through to August 30th, they transform the farm with the best of British seaside, be sure to check it out.

We could have easily spent the whole day there, and will be sure to visit again.


2 thoughts on “Lee Valley Park Farm

  1. That sounds like a lovely family day. Good to hear about the activities and facilities that are available as well as the animals x enjoy your new found freedom from coursework!

    1. Thanks Alice, Sunday was such a lovely day, free from books/ journals and my computer! Hope you and the family are all well and I am enjoying reading your blog 🙂

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