20 months

I can hardly believe that this time last year we were enjoying a couple of days at the London Olympics enjoying watching the athletics and swimming. Archie was crawling but not yet walking, nevertheless still managing to cause chaos!



And now it feels like we no longer have a beautiful baby but a handsome boy, who is growing up too quickly.


This past month we have taken the cot sides down. We have been ‘blessed’ with a notoriously poor sleeper and thought things couldn’t get any worse, so why not. We have tried every snooze-inducing bedtime routine out there! But, by bringing down the sides and making the cot more like a bed, seems to have helped marginally. Some nights are much better but the majority of the time our nights are still disturbed. Which is difficult when I need to leave at 6.15am for work every morning. Needless to say by a Friday I am knackered!

We are also attempting to re-inforce some discipline, and one discipline strategy that has failed to succeed with a worked-up toddler is reasoning with him. It’s incredibly difficult and seems to enrage him further. So this approach will have to wait till he is older. For now, its a lots of ‘no!’, ‘get down!’ & ‘stop it’s! and sitting on the naughty pillow since we don’t have steps and i feels a bit cruel to dump him in the corner. Too soft already?

Climbing. On everything. Everywhere. Such a boy. But trying to contain this continuous sense of adventure without holding him back and attempting to keep him (relatively) safe is difficult. He will climb to unimaginable heights with no hesitation or sense of fear and then jump! Sends me into a state of panic! Playgrounds are a nightmare, he has no interest for the baby play area and would rather join in with the older children on their climbing frames. Cue one of us climbing with him or rescuing him from great heights (to be honest it is usually Dad!). And running. He loves to run away from you, or chase you. It’s highly entertaining for him and he gets so excited and giggly about the whole thing. He is getting faster at going up the steps but the only time he will hold out his hand and show any sign of trepidation is coming down the steps. He loves running around in open spaces with a football and has a decent aim and kick. You would think this would help to tire him out and it certainly tires Mummy & Daddy out! To date, we haven’t really experienced any less desirable activities such as hitting, pushing and biting. But i have a gut feeling it is around the corner. Lets hope not!

With regards to his speech and language, everyday there is a new word or phrase. Its an exciting time. We used to, and still do, get lots of “what’s this?” in a day but now we get ‘this is a cat/ pig/ moo moo/ baa baa’. It makes me laugh when I come home from work and he comes to greet me and then points at me and says with astonishment and excitement ‘this is a mumma!’ as if he has spotted a rare animal! We have plenty more words to add to the vocabulary list too. Although we still haven’t had a ‘yes’ yet, it is still all about the ‘no, no, no, no ,no’ phase!

Watching him use his imagination is lovely, occasionally we catch him ‘feeding’ his animals on the pieces of dirt on the carpet (gosh i need to hoover more!), giving the giraffe some grapes or feeding the bunny some blueberries!

I look forward to the next few months ahead before we hit the terrible two’s, although I think we have hit that stage rather prematurely already some days!


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