Graze is advertised as ‘healthy snacks by mail’ and ‘nature delivered’ and until recently has only been targeted at adults but now they have started to produce a graze goody box, tasty treats for kids with no nasties. Archie’s first box came through the post on Friday morning with 4 little boxes of treats.


Top left is ‘ketchup soldiers’ (pizza breadsticks with tomato dip), top right is ‘golden flapjack’, bottom left is ‘dragon’s nest’ (juicy grape infused raisins, blueberry yogurt raisins, green raisins and apple) and finally bottom right is ‘the crunch bunch’ (corn chips and poppyseed pretzels).

So far Archie has given the thumbs up to a golden flapjack.

They can be delivered weekly, fortnightly or whenever you want. The box comes with the child’s name on the front and with games inside. What a great idea!

If anyone else would like to give them a free trial, here is a code Archie was given for his friends:


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