Archie – 18 months

This post is a little late, I has good intentions to write this on Tuesday evening but it turns out there is more available time at weekends to draw on inspiration and reflect, so it’s a balmy July evening after what was another scorching day in this mini-heat wave. I’d like to try and make a blog every month from now onwards, looking at what Archie has learned to do or say that month. Important for me, as I am the working parent and for thats a concept that has been difficult to come to terms with and manage. A constant guilt that I am not there enough with Archie to see him grow and develop, with the reality that money does not grow on trees forcing me to work and provide for my family.

So here goes. Archie was 18 months on the 9th July 2013.

When he was 12 months, he was walking well, attempting to climb anything that stood still and making everything an adventure. Physically he had reached many milestones, however his vocabulary only consisted of a few words; mama, dada, more (with sign), milk (with sign). The ones that mattered!

Six months on and we have a never-ending pool of words and phrases. We have always had ‘broom broom’ & ‘ka (car) but with his love for the ‘transport’ page in his books, we now have ‘choo choo’ for train and ‘zoooom’ (with actions of course) for aeroplanes with the strong finger point to the sky everything a plane flies by (in London thats a lot of finger pointing in one day!).

Food wise, one his first words was ‘nana (banana) but this is slowly growing, with juice (word used for any drink), milk (with sign), the sign ‘to eat’ (which is a helpful breakthrough) and egg. He loves eggs. Which i find a little odd. I like eggs now and again, but there isn’t a day goes by without a request for an egg. Thats a hard boiled unpeeled egg thank you very much. He will crack it, peel it (without eating any egg shell!) and consume the whole egg, all with a huge smile on his face. It’s certainly a handy healthy snack and a great party trick!

Animal noises have been an early addition to the vocabulary list, with ‘moo’ (cow), ‘baa’ (sheep), ‘grunt grunt’ (pig), “ssssss'(snake), squeaking (mouse), ‘roar’ (any wild cat) and ‘woof woof’ (dog) all making an early appearance. Most recently we have actual words; dog, duck, bee (accompanied with a buzzing noise to drive you to distraction!), bird (with sign), ladybird, bug and an attempt to say butterfly (but with great sign language to make up for it!).

The biggest change I have seen in him with regards his speech & language is his understanding of what we ask of him. He understands far more than we give him credit for.

All of this I hope is down to Reuben and I making sure he loves reading books as much as we did (and still do when time permits!). He will say ‘book’ and quite happily open it up and pretend to read it, very carefully turning it page by page, telling us what he recognises on each page and spouting his vocab. With a ‘what’s this’ when he doesn’t know.

He lets us know when he wants to go out now. Runs to the door and brings his shoes, at the same time saying ‘out’ and ‘shoes’. He such an outdoor boy, and loves to play football. With a good aim and a half decent kick, we may have a footballer on our hands. However, with the amount of handball that occurs, maybe he’ll be more of a rugby player, he certainly has the built for it!

We haven’t got many sentences yet, just two words together. He’ll ask ‘what’s this?’ many times a day! We’ll get the occasional ‘more….juice/ food/ point to what he wants’ which is useful!

I can’t wait till we can have a conversation with him, he’s getting there, being able to follow instructions such as ‘give a kiss’ or ‘blow a kiss’ or my favourite ‘smell the flower!’

I will post a couple of videos that we took today in the park, showing what he is learning at Tiny Talk.


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