Cassiobury Park

It has been been almost 6 weeks since I managed to find time to sit down and catch-up on the many blogs over the summer period. A combination of work pressures and weekends spent all over parts of England means I have had plenty to write about but little time to do so. Therefore a lot of posts to come over a short period of time to catch up.


We visited Cassiobury Park with my (unofficial!) sister-in-law and our nieces with Archie on a scorching Saturday morning in July. It is the largest open space in Watford, only just over half an hour from Enfield. The park itself has a fantastic variety of sports facilities, children’s attractions and certain areas of the park are designated as a local nature reserve.

For children there is plenty to do with most of it costing nothing at all. The paddling pools playground had a rebuild in 2009 and is fantastic, with swings, climbing frames and slides, a granite maze, trampolines and a zip wire. There is a smaller Cha Cha Cha playground for children up to 6 years old. However the best attraction for the little ones was the paddling pools themselves. of which there are three pools and open daily from 10am till 7pm from Good Friday till mid September (so there is still time to visit if we are lucky to get some late summer sun). We arrived before 10am and people were queuing to enter!

Archie enjoying the paddling pool

As if that wasn’t enough, the 10.25 inch gauge miniature railway has over 0.5km of tracks and a variety of steam and diesel locomotives. They only run on weekends, bank holidays and in school holidays throughout the year from 12-4.30pm. Archie loves trains at the moment, so we will have to make a point of returning before the winter.

The land to the west of the River Gade in the park is a designated local nature reserve managed by Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust. Muntjac Deer and foxes can often be spotted. They boast that 46 different species of breeding birds are present in the park as well as 7 bat species. In 2010 a circular nature trail was opened in the nature reserve in the park. Along the unsignposted trail there are wooden markers identifying places where you can spot a particular kind of wildlife such as fish, herons, kingfishers, woodpeckers, butterflies, bats, dragonflies, newts and even snakes! If you do decide to go there is a handy nature trail checklist to work with.

There are plenty of events held throughout the year, it’s worth checking out when things are on. Overall, its a great place to visit at any time of the year and a lovely place to spend a day at the weekend.


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