Diary of a toddler


The days this time last year when Archie was coming up to 6 months old (and hitting major milestones shown above), were filled with days to the park with the NCT mummies and babies when the sun was shining and afternoons around someones house when the weather was not so favourable with a lukewarm cuppa & cake! Time was often spent going to baby massage courses (in an attempt to get one very unsettled baby to sleep better, who knew i would be still battling this 12 months on, i hope i am not saying this is another year!). Often attending the various children’s centres around the borough of Enfield meeting other Mum’s and babies and all hearing each others trials and tribulations of parenthood and feeling somewhat reassured on leaving that everyone is experiencing the same thing.

Now one year on, life is very different, and trying to find new activities to do with Archie is exciting. I make sure Reuben & Archie have plenty of fun activities throughout the week, there isn’t a day that goes by where they are not busy, Archie’s social calendar is far superior to his parents thats for sure.
– Monday he attends Cheviot’s Children’s Centre, which I have praised in a previous entry.
– Wednesday he has been attending Creation Station for the last 3 weeks and will most definitely be returning once it re-starts in September. I love coming home on a Wednesday night after a long day at work to see what he has created that day! It’s his chance to get as messy as he likes and experience plenty of different shapes and textures and let his creativity shine.


Hopefully on a Wednesday afternoon over the summer he is going to try the Stay & Play drop-in at Radiomarathon which is a children’s centre of excellence that supports both children and adults with learning disabilities.
– Thursdays for the last 3 weeks he has started to regularly attend Tiny Talk. This is baby signing (a form of pre-verbal communication) and helps babies and toddlers to learn to communicate before they can talk. As we are starting to learn, Archie understands a lot more than he can actually say and if he can sign to us what he wants then it cuts the frustration and (hopefully) reduces tantrums! From early on we have had signs for milk and more but recently more signs are coming along with the words such as bird, butterfly, monkey, aeroplane and train. He also understands when we sign ‘time to go’ and ‘time to sleep’. A lot of the time in Tiny Talk there is plenty signed nursery rhymes which offers the repetition required to learn. Throughout the summer these classes will be limited so he will probably go to the Stay & Play at Chase Side Children’s Centre which continues throughout the summer break.
– Fridays are often Jack & Jills which is a lovely class for 0-4 year olds, to work on coordination, creativity, concentration & FUN!

As if the weeks aren’t busy enough, weekends we try to do something different with him, and this weekend I decided it was time for Mum to have an activity to do with Archie and so off we went to Diddidance; an energy packed, fun filled 45 minute dance class. Lucy uses various dancing games and exercises, bells, hula hoops and dance ribbons to pop songs to improve their rhythm and co-ordination as well as social and motor skills. Archie was wary to start and hugged my leg, but as soon as the hula hoops and dance ribbons came out he thoroughly enjoyed himself. I was knackered, I didn’t realise I was going to be as involved, but it was fun and we will be back. It is nice for a class to be on at a weekend to allow the working parent to be involved.Image

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to the Montessori On The Green Summer Fete with Archie’s Auntie & nieces to make the most of this sunny weekend.


One thought on “Diary of a toddler

  1. I loved Tiny Talk, I miss it more than any other class, Fiona is lovely. Betsy still signs for things now even though we’ve not been for nine months (milk, food and weirdly, mouse are the main ones). I’d have another baby just to go to that again.

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