Father’s Day

Our second Father’s Day over. And boy was it fun packed. As part of Reuben’s present Archie & I kept where we were going a secret and we took off first thing this morning to Paradise Wildlife Park. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, with plenty animals to show Archie first hand and in general a fantastic family day out. Very reasonably priced, considering they did ‘Dad’s free entry’ today! There was a lot of firsts today for Archie, most of these animals are only in his books and he was excited at the first sightings of the big cats. They have one of the largest collection of big cats on display in the UK with white tigers, white lions, Amur tigers, Sumatran triggers, African lions, snow leopards, leopards, cheetahs and ocelots. We made several trips back throughout the day just to see this beautiful animals.


Everyone loves the Meerkats, they bring a smile to your face with their quirky movements and priceless expressions!


Below is a collection of the other animals we managed to see today, the penguins, zebras, wallabies and giant tortoise.

Father's Day at PWP4

After a picnic and being blessed with a full 90 minutes of peace and quiet (which I used to read, a rarity these days for sure, in the surroundings) we made a pit stop at the birds before we left. These hold a special place in Archie’s heart, he has always loved watching them and are a useful distraction to get him to do what you want him to do, he can also sign for them too. He doesn’t use signs for many things but together with milk, more and star; bird is one of them. He woke up as soon as we arrived at the display, and watched in awe at all the various birds flying overhead. A fantastic demonstration, from lovebirds to harris hawks.


Life goes by so quickly with a little one, and last year on Reuben’s 1st Father’s Day Archie was only a baby at 5 months and now 12 months on we have a very different 17 months old toddler to contend with. Everyday is different, it flies by, but we try to make the most of it. Below is Archie & Daddy at 5 months and a year on at 17 months. Happy Father’s Day Reuben, we hope you have had as great a day as we have and that you realise how special you are and how loved you are.Image


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