Discovering Pinterest

My first post on my first blog. The inspiration behind this is to produce somewhat of a diary that Archie, my 17 month old son, can access when he is old enough. At his age, he is like a sponge. He changes and learns on a daily basis. And for me,  this blog will record these changes as they happen. With such a busy life, these things are often overlooked. I’d also like it to be somewhere, where ideas and activities are discovered and tried. To make weekends and days off with Archie more fun for both of us, with lists of ideas to try, gathering thoughts from various sources. I have been following a couple of local blogs recently, namely Little Star and Me and Baking Betsy who have provided me with plenty of inspiration and I hope I can do the same.

Which leads me to Pinterest. I was sceptical, partially because I didn’t know how to use it or what it was for but also because I am already so heavily immersed in social media, I didn’t want to add to it! But it has been a great initial experience. It has given me many creative ideas, for future free weekends and more importantly for tomorrow’s Father’s Day. Hopefully my next post will display some results of these.


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